iPhone 4/4S Ear Styled Case

iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Ear Styled Case

Being different in a world of 7 billion plus people can be difficult, especially when everyone wants to have the coolest things around. The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S definitely qualify as cool and what better way to separate yourself from the Apple crowd than to have a unique iPhone case. The iPhone 4/4S Ear Styled Case is designed to look like a giant ear and comes in pink, black, flesh color, or white.

Thumbs Up Giant Ear iPhone Case

Made from what seems to be a sturdy rubberized plastic, these giant ears will definitely help you stand out especially when you hold the phone to your ear. They are light weight and measure 15.5 cm long by 1.8 cm thick.

iPhone Ear Case

Standout and have some fun while doing it with the iPhone 4/4S Ear Styled Case from Mobile.Brando.com for $9.90. A Giant Ear iPhone 4 Case by Thumbs Up is also available for £9.99 with free UK delivery at Deviltronics.com. It’s really cool because it is flesh colored, as is the Qubits Ear Case that is £5.99 with free UK delivery at Play.com.

If this isn’t quite your style, browse the many other iPhone Cases we’ve shown on GeekAlerts.

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