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iPawn Games for iPad

It used to be that board games were just, well, that: board games. They came with a board, some game pieces, some cards or paper money, and the players were good to go. Now board games come with modelling clay like the Morph It Dough Modelling Game or with various props and materials like the Morphology Board Game. But iPawn Games, you can actually turn your trust Apple iPad into an interactive board game.

Users can download and play the following iPawn Games: iPawn Snakes and Ladders, iPawn Fishing, iPawn Game of Goose, and iPawn Air Hockey. iPawn Games take the whole interactive game scene to a whole new level, providing you with actual game tokens for an interactive virtual board.

iPawn Games

Thanks to iPawn Games you can now turn your precious Apple tablet into any number of classic (and not-so-classic) board games. Take iPawn Snakes and Ladders, for example. Download the free app and you can use your iPad as a classic Snakes and Ladders board. iPawn Fishing lets you practice your skills with a rod. Using the free app you can turn your iPad’s screen into a pond of hungry fishies. For the more traditional style of turn-taking game, iPawn Game of Goose is the one for you. Pick one of six colored iPawn geese pieces and race to the center of the board,avoiding the traps and pitfalls along the way.

Finally, iPawn Air Hockey is the perfect game for anyone who likes their fun fast and furious. Just like a real air hockey table, you’ll take control of one side of the table, defending your goal mouth with one of the iPawn pusher pieces.

iPawn Games is available for pre-order from Firebox for £9.99 ($16.)

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