iPad Adjustable Floor Stand

iPad Adjustable Floor Stand

There’s no doubt that an iPad is lighter than a desktop or laptop computer but that little thing still seems to gain weight if you’re kicking back and holding it up in the air. The iPad Adjustable Floor Stand gives your arms a break (not literally) so you can focus on enjoying the hi-tech miracle that is the iPad without you eventually straining like you’re trying to lift a house.

iPad Adjustable Floor StandThe stand can telescope from 30-inches to 53-inches, tilt, swivel, roll, and swivel 360-degrees, so you’ll have to work hard to find a position this thing can’t accommodate. Four bungee cords hold your iPad, Kindle, Nook, or other tablet computer on the platform. While it’s a handy little took allowing you to maximize your laziness when you’re sitting around doing nothing, the stand also enhances your multi-tasking abilities, letting you exercise, cook, or whatever, while keeping your tablet or eReader in place for you.

Levo Deluxe eBook and iPad Adjustable Floor Stand

  • Minor assembly required.
  • 30″-53″ H x 13″ sq. (30 lbs.)

Let your arms relax with the rest of you with the iPad Adjustable Floor Stand for $179.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer and $159.99 at Amazon.com, Sharper Image and Brookstone.

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