Instant Villain Disguise Kit

Instant Villain Disguise Kit

For some reason, an image of Al Pacino just popped right into my head when I first saw this Instant Villain Disguise Kit. (Maybe it’s the eyebrows, or the mustache, or the goatie–who knows?) It comes complete with everything you need to go from innocent civilian or boring bystander into the meanest, toughest old villain on the block.

The Instant Villain Disguise Kit also comes with an adhesive and sinister-looking scar, or you can just draw one on using some makeup or costume paint; whatever you prefer. It’s a fun way to alter your appearance in an instant, although it’s more for novelty purposes because the get-up was made to look bold and in-your-face.

Instant Villain Disguise Kit

  • Go from good to evil in a snap!
  • What a novel(ty) idea!
  • Makes a great, wacky gift!

This Instant Villain Disguise Kit can turn even the sweetest face into a classic Hollywood villain. Each kit includes a menacing mustache, a guileful goatee, some evil eyebrows, a sinister scar and a mischievous monocle. Put on every piece to become a super villain or mix and match to create your own unique alter ego. Hair pieces are made of lifelike synthetic hair with adhesive backing, scar is rubber with adhesive backing and monocle is plastic. Illustrated blistercard.

The Instant Villain Disguise Kit is available from Entertainment Earth for $9.99.

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