Instant Regret Peanut Butter

Instant Regret Peanut Butter

Do you love a little pain with your peanut butter? If so, the Instant Regret Peanut Butter has more than what it takes to have you crying ‘Uncle,’ as you transform an ordinary peanut butter and jelly sandwich into a vehicle of death and destruction.

The Instant Regret Chocolate Bar totally screwed up the pain/pleasure center of your brain and this chilli-fueled peanut butter will do it again. Experience the pleasure of eating something good, while simultaneously wishing you could cut your tongue out.

Instant Regret Peanut Butter

  • CAUTION: Hot Sauce contains extreme quantities of chilli and is not suitable for children, pets or the elderly.
  • CAUTION: Do not put in direct contact with eyes or downstairs area, and wash hands after handling.
  • CAUTION: This sauce has been made in a factory that regularly uses tree nuts and peanuts, although that’ll be the least of your worries once you try some.
  • DO NOT go overboard. Test your tolerance; otherwise you may ruin your BBQ.
  • DO NOT Give to unsuspecting people without warning, even if you don’t like them.
  • DO NOT Consume while driving or operating heavy machinery… or any machinery.
  • DO NOT Consume if you have a history of heart problems, chilli terror or any other concerns about spicy food.
  • DO NOT Consume without handy supplies of milk, yoghurt and other cooling food substances.
  • DO NOT Place on sensitive areas of unsuspecting people’s bodies.
  • Not suitable for children or persons under the age of 16… or over 16 for that matter.
  • OK, so you might be able to buy finer peanuts, but not many.
  • Delicious crunchy peanut butter
  • Infused with 12 million SHU chilli
  • Ingredients: Peanuts, Sunflower Oil, Habanero, King Naga, 12m [SHU] Chilli Extract, Sugar Syrup, Salt
  • Contains approximately 190g

If you love peanut butter but hate your taste buds, you can get the Instant Regret Peanut Butter for $11.29 at

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