Inflatable Treasure Chest Cooler

Inflatable Treasure Chest Cooler

This Inflatable Treasure Chest Cooler is definitely a must-have for people who love to party. Get your Limbo Set ready, bring out the drinks and serve them up in these Pick Your Nose Party Animal Cups that will surely be a huge hit to your guests.  The ultimate and dedicated party thrower would probably want to add the Inflatable Treasure Chest Cooler to his or her stash of party goodies. Given that it’s inflatable, you can just deflate the cooler when you’re not using it for easy portability. You can stash the deflated cooler in the trunk of your car so you can literally bring the party (okay, not the party, but the drinks container) with you everywhere you go.

Inflatable Treasure Chest Cooler

Inflatable Treasure Chest Cooler

The most precious booty lies in that there Chest matey. All the gold and silver cans and precious sparkling ice your heart can set sail upon. When you crack a peek into this Treasure Chest you?ll be completely taken back by all that you can store deep within. Simply pull the compact item out of your bag, inflate and whoosh! You’ve got a giant Ice Chest to make Davy Jones’ green(er) with envy. It inflates to about 2 feet wide and 17 inches tall! Not to mention, it’s fully inflatable and durable enough to face the seven seas.

The Inflatable Treasure Chest Cooler is available from for $27.99.

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