Inflatable Alien

Inflatable Alien

This Inflatable Alien stands 6 feet tall and serves no other purpose than to scare some unwitting and unsuspecting victims. Whether you’re the office clown or joker of the family, this inflatable otherworldly creature can be used to stir up a good laugh (or scare) or two.

People have long believed that there are other creatures and beings that live in other planets of our solar system. Television shows, books, documentaries, and movies have all been made with the alien theme in play. Remember Roswell?

Inflatable Alien

At 6 feet tall, this fun space gag will get a reaction from anyone he encounters. Which would make it a Close Encounter of the Third Kind. All you need to do is blow-up the Inflatable Alien and use him as a great and funny party gag. We suggest hiding him outside in the bushes peeking in the bathroom window. Always a guaranteed scream. Of course, you might have mess to clean up in the bathroom but the laughs you will get with this great green galoot are worth it.

Of course, you have to be quite the dedicated prankster because you’ll have to shell out $14.95 at Baron Bob’s  for the Inflatable Alien.

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