Incipio Atlas Waterproof iPhone Case

Incipio Atlas iPhone 5 Case

There are some people who just absolutely need to have cases on their smartphones. Whether it’s to ensure that their devices stay pristine no matter what, or that they want to get maximum resale value when they upgrade, cases make sense. Sometimes, a normal case just doesn’t do the job. The Incipio Atlas iPhone 5 Case is waterproof and it will keep your iPhone free of blemishes.

This iPhone case has multiple layers to keep your phone waterproof. It also has water resistant enclosures. The case isn’t too cumbersome and Incipio has got a good warranty on its product. They will replace the phone if there is water damage because of a technical failure.

  • Rigid Plextonium frame
  • Co-molded design with impact resistant Flex2O
  • Waterproof speaker vents
  • Ergonomically designed sidewalls for added grip
  • Water sealed headphone and charging ports

You get the Atlas iPhone case from for $60.39.

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