Illyquore Coffee Liqueur

Illyquore Coffee Liqueur

Liquor is getting served up in totally unique twists nowadays. For chocolate lovers, there was the Mozart Black Chocolate Liquor, which was a unique blend of chocolate, vanilla, and alcohol. For lovers of coffee and alcohol, there’s the Illyquore Coffee Liqueur.

The Illyquore Coffee Liqueur is a coffee-based drink that’s made with a whole lot of beans and just the right amount of alcohol. It gives you the best of both worlds, actually: it doesn’t fail for coffee lovers and it will satisfy those looking for liquor with a punch. It’s not recommended for nightcaps because sleep won’t come easily, not with the amount of coffee beans that went into this drink.

Illyquore Coffee LiqueurIllyquore

Bean drinking? That’s not really a question, it’s a statement because lllyquore Coffee Liqueur (try saying that after a few) is a gorgeously decadent coffee-based drink that’s seriously full of beans. ‘So far, so what?’ we hear you scoff as you reel off all the other coffee-based drinks out there in barland.

Well here’s the thing: as well as being created by coffee titans illy, in association with fellow Italian brand leadersCampari, Illyquore is one of the few coffee-based liqueurs with no added aromas or colouring. This means all you barista-berating coffee snobs can be sure you’re getting the beans, the whole beans and nothing but the beans.

The Illyquore Coffee Liqueur is available from Firebox for £24.99.

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