Ideal Sharky’s Diner Game

Ideal Sharky's Diner Game

As we all know from movies like Jaws and various Discovery Channel programs, Sharks will eat just about anything, even if they can’t digest it. People have found the craziest things in the bellies of sharks, like rubber tires and all kinds of other items. Well, now you can feed a shark some of these items yourself with the Ideal Sharky’s Diner Game.

They had this game when I was a kid, though I’m not sure if they changed the name. The idea is to try to grab items out of the shark’s mouth without having his jaws clamp down on you. Here’s what you get:

Contents of Sharky’s Diner:

1 Shark Body

2 Shark Fins

1 Shark Jaw

2 Rubber Bands

1 Sticker Sheet

2 Gaff Hooks

21 Pieces of Junk

1 Instruction Sheet

This should be hours of fun and you can dig it out every time Shark Week comes around. It’s just $16.38 from Amazon.

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  1. This is a replica of the JAWS game that Ideal had out in the 70’s. They’ve just gave it a new name and put it in a new box; the shark and even the pieces that go in it are exactly the same! 🙂

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