Hydro-Powered Calculator

Hydro-Powered Calculator

I yearn for the day when we can finally stop filling up our gas tanks with, well, gas and start using more environment-friendly safe alternatives as fuel, like water. We may have to wait a few more years (or decades) for that to actually come true for cars. But Hydro-Powered Calculators have now arrived in the here and now.

I imagine this calculator will become more of a novelty rather than something people who want to do some serious calculations would want. But if you’re in the market for a new calculator and don’t really do much other than add, subtract, multiply, or divide, then give this innovative little thing a chance, why don’t you?

Hydro-Powered Calculator

The water-powered batteries consists of two electrodes made of special alloys, which, when immersed in water, produce electricity through a chemical reaction.  Simply refill the battery as the water evaporates, typically every two to three months.  Not only is this eco-friendly, it’s providing free energy.  Well, not enough free energy to power your computer or drive you home, but it’s still impressive!
Our Hydro Powered Calculator is made of clear plastic with geek-chic green buttons so you can see the system board and the process as it’s happening!
Measures 2 inches tall x 5.25 inches long x 3 inches wide.

These green Hydro-Powered Calculators are available from $10.95 each at Amazon.com. They also go for $10.99 each from Perpetual Kid.

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