Hula Vinyl Shower Curtain

Hula Vinyl Shower Curtain

What a person eats speaks volumes about him. What a person wears, too. And also what a person drinks, watches, and reads. But to really get to know someone straight off the bat, just take a peek into his bathroom and take a look at his shower curtain (if he’s got one, that is.) If the DIY Shower Curtain is up there with a collage of doodles and art work, then you’ve got a creative sort of individual. The Shadow of the Duck curtain hanging up there? Then you’ve got a quirky and mysterious person. But if the Hula Vinyl Shower Curtain is what’s being used, then you’ve got in your hands a fun-loving fan of the sun, sand, and sea.

The Hula Vinyl Shower Curtain is bright, loud, and easy on the eyes. It will definitely brighten up your bathroom and inject a bit more life into it.

Hula Vinyl Shower Curtain

  • Take a trip to the islands!
  • What a novel(ty) idea!
  • Makes a great, wacky gift!

Turn your bathroom into a tropical paradise! Each semi-transparent vinyl shower curtain is 70-inches tall x 70-inches wide and 0.12mm thick. Hanging bag with illustrated card.

TheĀ Hula Vinyl Shower Curtain is available from Entertainment Earth for $13.99 and at from $16.50

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