How to Keep Your Husband Apron

How to Keep Your Husband Apron

Although it kind of seems like there are more women compared to men, the female to male ratio is approximately 1:1. And I say it seems like there are more females because somehow, men get away with juggling a ton of them at a given moment (which I think, is really sad and is a huge no-no.) But to keep things light, you can figure out how to keep your hubby to yourself thanks to a few tips on the How to Keep Your Husband Apron.

The How to Keep Your Husband Apron will also make a fun stocking stuffer or present for another female friend you may have who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. However, we don’t recommend giving this apron to someone who just split up with the husband or worse, to someone who just got the big D.

How to Keep Your Husband Apron

How to Keep Your Husband Apron

This decidedly politically incorrect apron is a reproduction of a classic novelty produced in the ’50s. Each 19″ x 24″ 100% cotton apron is covered with delightfully outdated rules that a wife should follow if she wants to keep her husband. Includes such gems as, “Watch Your Weight,” and “Don’t Gossip Over the Phone.” Perfect gift for a staunch feminist!

TheĀ How to Keep Your Husband Apron is available from Neatoshop for $8.95. It is also available for $8.50 at

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