Hot Diggity Dog Ketchup and Mustard Costume

Hot Diggity Dog Costume Ketchup

Before you know it, it’s going to be Halloween. It’s not just the children or the occasional adult who gets to dress up during this spooky time of the year. Let your beloved family pets join in on the fun (specifically, Fido the dog and not Felicia the cat) by dressing them up in the Hot Diggity Dog Ketchup and Mustard Costumes.

Transform your dog into a literal hot dog, with your choice of either a swirl of ketchup or mustard on them. Make sure you pick out the right size for your best friend though, because you wouldn’t want them to be mighty uncomfortable on Halloween.

Hot Diggity Dog Costume Mustard

Hot Diggity Dog Ketchup and Mustard Costume

  • Adorable Pet Costumes make any pet the life of the party. Treat your dog to these irresistibly cute Pet Costumes. They dress up any pet to turn any occasion into a humorous photo opportunity.
  • Great fun for parties, family gatherings, holidays and special events.
  • This Halloween, your dog will really be the HOT DOG you always knew he or she could be. Available in Ketchup or Mustard condiments. Hot Dog Costume is available in “Mustard” or “Ketchup” garnish.

The Hot Diggity Dog Ketchup and Mustard Costume are both available from Amazon. The Ketchup one retails at $9.99 while the Mustard Costume is priced from $8.99.

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