Hole-On Ex Pinhole Camera

Hole-On Ex Pinhole Camera

For covert photo operations, you might want to consider putting on the Electronic Spy Camera Shirt or taking this Hole-On Ex Pinhole Camera with you instead. The former features a design that when looked at closely, might reveal to the subject its real nature.

On the other hand, the Hole-On Ex Pinhole Camera is just what it’s name suggests: a pinhole. Stick it in any tiny opening and you’re all set. But before you can use it, you’ve got to assemble it, making this kit a favorite for DIY enthusiasts. It also comes in this thoughtfully designed box that’s shaped like a camera, which you can tweak so that the pinhole camera itself is fastened inside. Don’t reign in your creativity with this DIY project.

Hole-On Ex Pinhole Camera

Hole-On Ex Pinhole Camera

Did you spend a fortune on the best digital camera on the market but still can’t figure out how to switch it on? Maybe you’re one of these people who love disposable cameras and hate the fact that digital photography has taken over analogue.
Well, now you can throw out your digital camera and go back in time with “Hole-On-Ex” a kit you can use to build a pinhole camera.
The camera comes folded in an original box shaped like an LP. Inside you’ll find everything you need to build the camera in about 2 hours.

The Hole-On Ex Pinhole Camera is available from Curiosite for $20.86.

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  1. This looks great, doesn’t it?

    I received one a couple of months ago and, now it’s the holidays, I’m finally getting around to taking a look at it:


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