Hello Kitty Mobile Phone – Available in the U.S.

Hello Kitty Mobile Phone

We covered a candy bar Hello Kitty Mobile Phone last month and now DreamKitty.com has announced a slider version that is available in the U.S.

The phone features a 176 x 220 pixel display, a 2 megapixel camera, supports MMS, GPRS, WAP, and is of course loaded with Hello Kitty pictures, wallpapers and animations.

This phone can help organize your life! There is a PDA/Organizer section with a calendar, a calculator, a Chinese-English/English Chinese dictionary, PC Companion, Notepad, World Clock and a currency converter. The FUN features include games, and a My Life section which, among other things, even has a calorie calculator!

Accessories included: hands-free kit, PC Companion Software (English or Chinese) plus USB data cable, Kitty phone case (all pink), power adapter/charger plus travel adapter, second battery (matching color),key ring strap.

The Hello Kitty Cell Phone ($600) measurers 3 3/4 x 1 3/4 x 1 inches.

Hello Kitty Mobile Phone

(Via Chip Chick)

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20 Responses to “Hello Kitty Mobile Phone – Available in the U.S.”

  1. I think that this phone is cool I would well buy it if it was under £200 how much is it

  2. Is it available in stores in the US or only online? If so, which stores? I live in Canada and have a Rogers phone, so I would be looking for one to put my sim card in.

  3. I only know the above online shop. Maybe someone else knows if this Hello Kitty mobile phone is availalbe in physical stores as well in the US?

  4. Its not available in stores in USA i gues because of the limited edition of the phones. You can only get them at different sites and maybe if you get a chance to visit Taiwan or Japan and also some Hong Kong agents are selling them.

  5. i live in canada and i have been looking for a hello kitty phone everywhere did this phone come to cananada so can i get this phone in stores and is it still around please answer my questions

  6. @ hello kitty: Thanks for the info. True, it might be because of the limited edition of this particular Hello Kitty cell phone.

    @ bella: I’m afraid I haven’t heard anything about a Canadian release. I’ll make sure to post a comment here if I hear anything about it.

  7. is it 600 hundred dollars are is it 200-280

  8. What service do you need to use the phone?

  9. Nicole, I suggest you contact the retailer for this Hello Kitty cell phone and ask (link included in the article above).

  10. is it available in the u.k??

  11. I only know that you can get this Hello Kitty mobile phone in the USA, but maybe DreamKitty ships to the UK as well (not sure the phone will work there though).

  12. where do you get them from?

  13. i can by that so in u.s. its so very beatiful in my cash dollars

  14. is there a mobile
    like that in the

  15. Hi i was just wondering cuz this phone looks sooo cool,Can u buy it in the U.K??
    and if so which store or can u have it delivered online??

  16. how do you add money for texting and stuff and how much is it it says $600 on it so im confused

  17. hi i was wondering about the hello kitty cellphones that um light up with the colors do they have them in the u.s and what website could i purchase them at?

  18. Can you find The phone in the USA in Missouri St.Louis please tell me


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