Hello Kitty Frying Pan

Hello Kitty - The Frying Pan

If you’re getting “burnt” out on toast for breakfast, even if Hello Kitty’s adorable face is on it, then maybe it’s time to change up breakfast with the Hello Kitty Frying Pan.

Two kitty-side-ups, please. With the pan’s non-stick surface, making eggs or pancakes and cleaning up will be a cinch. For easy dismount and flipping, spray the pan’s surface with cooking spray or oil beforehand.

Hello, Hello Kitty. We meet again.
It’s a 6 inch Hello Kitty frying pan. You can now make eggs, pancakes, and whatever in the form of Hello Kitty.
So impress your partner, kids or random people with your cooking skills.
Hello Kitty.. you’re delicious!
Note: No longer comes with a lid.

Notice how Hello Kitty’s hairbow has been swapped for a flower? Is she an imposter? Nonetheless, what a pleasant sight to see in the morning. Pair some kitty flapjacks or eggs with a nice cup of coffee in the Hello Kitty 18 oz. Mug, and your day is off to the purrfect start.

The Hello Kitty Frying Pan can be found for $16.99 at GeekCantina.com or at Amazon.

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  1. Yep, no bow. It’s a China bootleg/knockoff Hello Kitty.

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