Heat Changing Love Mug

Heat Changing Love Mug

Strapped for ways to tell your significant of how much you love him or her? If you’re constantly doing sweet things to keep the fire burning (like giving chocolates, sending each other virtual hugs, surprising one or the other with flowers or presents), then you might want to send a more direct message with the Heat Changing Love Mug.

As its name suggests, the Heat Changing Love Mug changes color when it’s filled with something hot–and we don’t mean your (figurative) lovin’. Just pour some coffee or hot chocolate and watch some hearts disappear, leaving a special message behind.

If you’re still single (and fabulous) though, then you might want to sip your cup of Joe while you’re curled up with your trusty Boyfriend Pillow.

Heat Changing Love Mug

Heat Changing Love Mug

The Heat Changing Love Mug is perfect for those of you who’re all loved-up and want a mug to show it. The fancy thermochromic heat sensitive coating reveals a soppy message once hot water is poured into the mug – watch the hearts turn into words before your very eyes! It’s also heart-shaped so you can be sure whoever is drinking from it feels the love, even if they can’t read!

  • White heart-shaped mug
  • Design on the outside changes when the mug is filled with hot water
  • Hand wash only – not dishwasher or microwave safe

The Heat Changing Love Mug is available from Red5 for £8.95 and at Amazon.co.uk.

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