Heart-Shaped USB Speaker, LED Lamp and Pen Holder

Heart-Shaped USB Speaker, LED Lamp & Pen Holder

This heart-shaped multifunction pen holder is equipped with a 5-LED lamp and a speaker, both powered via your computer’s USB port.


  • Heart Shape Pen Holder
  • 5 LED Light
  • Built-in Speaker
  • 3.5mm Connector connect to PC or any MP3/audio player
  • Can use USB for power or using 3 x AAA batteries (Battery not included)
  • Light with on/off button
  • Speaker with on/off button

Heart-Shaped USB Speaker, LED Lamp & Pen Holder

The Heart Shape USB Lamp, Speaker and Pen Holder is available in white or pink for $13.99 from the GizFever.com website.

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7 Responses to “Heart-Shaped USB Speaker, LED Lamp and Pen Holder”

  1. Gee, how many useless USB Shizzle will china keep producing?

  2. They have never ending weird idea on gadget creation and invention. I guess china are all hardcore geeks! :p
    But this gadget is cute! Very suitable for valentine gift.

  3. Yes, it’s quite amazing to see the never ending stream weird USB gadgets they come up with. Thanks for stopping by folks!

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