Harry Potters Light Up Wand

Harry Potters Light Up Wand

Here’s something for those hard-core Potter fans. The Harry Potters Light Up Wand ($61) will light up when you wave it. Wave again and the light goes off.

It is an exact replica of Harry’s own wand right down to the very last detail. Harry Potter’s Light up Wand comes with an authentic copy of the original Ollivander’s wan box as featured in the film Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The wand is a magical 14 inches and is made of highest quality wood and resin. The Harry Potter Light up Wand is an official collectors item manufactured by The Noble Collection and authorized by Warner Bros, so you know when you buy your Harry Potter wand from thedoghouse.co.uk, you’ll be getting the next best thing to Harry’s own! Go on; bring out the wizard in you! Requires two AAA batteries, not included.

(Via Prylfeber)

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10 Responses to “Harry Potters Light Up Wand”

  1. interesting

  2. Rip off!!!!!!

  3. kasihin Gw magic Wand Dunk

  4. i allways say numos when waving the wand

  5. i just said avada kadavra and it actually made the sound awesome

  6. its fabulous i liked it very much

  7. hi harry, i relly want awond jest like urs.

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