Hangover Cures Book

Hangover Cures Book

Even if you already have the Hungover Cookbook, you’ll probably want this Book on Hangover Cures as well. I know many of us are going to need both books and a bottle of aspirin tomorrow, after a solid night of New Years Eve partying today.

The Hangover Cures book isn’t new. However, I don’t think there have been and major advances in hangover research over the last few years, so the advice should still be valid. It covers all the bases, why we get hangovers in the first place, how to avoid them, and how to alleviate the pain if you have one. The book includes 25 easy recipes of hangover cures with pictures.

Hangover Cures

The unavoidable downside to an evening spent enjoying your favorite cocktails is the dreaded hangover the following day. One would think that in this day and age, someone would have developed the technology to counteract nausea, lethargy, and nagging headaches. Sadly not. Ben Reed—bestselling author and seasoned bartender (and drinker)—is here to help.

Try a Corpse Reviver or a Bloody Mary to take the edge off your hangover, or, for a healthier option, replace lost nutrients with a juice drink such as the restorative Liver Recovery. With cures from around the world, reviving recipes, and expert advice, Hangover Cures helps ease the suffering of the morning after the night before.

Purchase Hangover Cures from $4.95 at Amazon.com.

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