Handwriting Digital Pen


When we moved into the digital age, a lot of people stopped writing and began typing. Most school papers are now typed before printing out. Some forms can now be filled out online. Instead of writing letters to one another, people are now typing out their communications and sending it all through e-mail. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next generation of the world’s people would have the worst handwriting ever because they rarely write.

This is why I think the Handwriting Digital Pen is such an interesting take on the matter. It’s actually a digital pen that lets you instant message with your friends by writing your messages instead of typing it out. Sure, it might take you a whole lot longer to respond to messages, but wouldn’t you rather write it down once in a while, albeit digitally?

Handwriting Digital Pen

Too bad that this gadget is still a design for now. However, I’m certain that if this thing wouldn’t turn out to be too expensive to make (and sell), then it would be a huge hit; at least, with me.

The Handwriting Digital Pen is a concept design by REN Fangying.

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  1. I’d buu this if it were a good pice

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