Handgun Shaped Ice-Cube Tray

Handgun Shaped Ice-Cube Tray

Practice your Scarface accent. Channel your inner Tony Montana. Then make some ice in this Handgun Shaped Ice-Cube Tray and tell your guests to “Say Hello To My little Friend” as you ice their drinks.

Handgun Ice Cubes

This Handgun-shaped ice-cube tray will liven up any party. The silicone tray will give you 6 nicely detailed ice cubes every time and the tray even has a briefcase like handle so you can really feel like a bad guy when you carry it. It’s also dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about washing it and ruining it.

Fred and Friends Freeze Handgun-Shaped Ice-Cube Tray

Perfect for the James Bond fan or a Policemans party. An ice tray that makes 6 little hand guns. They’re going to “pop a cap in your glass”. Hey FREEZE, hold it right there….. no, not really, don’t freeze, buy these novelty ice trays right now….

The Handgun Shaped Ice-Cube Tray is just $6.24 from Amazon. That’s just $1.04 per ice gun. They are also available for $8.95 a set at CGets.com.

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