Han Solo in Carbonite Deluxe 10″ Silicone Mold

Han Solo in Carbonite Large Silicone Mold

One of the coolest ice cube trays of all time is the one with Han Solo in Carbonite. While that is great for making ice cubes or chocolates, this new Han Solo in Carbonite Deluxe 10″ Silicone Mold is great for larger items like Jello. It can also make giants ice cubes (more like an ice sculpture), very large chocolate bars, or cake (these are supposedly oven safe to 446 degrees).

It is made of silicone, which means it is food safe and easy to work with. It can mold in great detail, yet it is easy to remove items from the mold and clean up afterwards.

Han Solo in Carbonite Deluxe 10″ Silicone Tray

  • An ice or mold tray that features Han Solo frozen in Carbonite!
  • Mold your ice or your jello or your chocolate treats in the shape of Jabba’s prize!
  • This deal gets better all the time! Now this scoundrel comes in 10” of deluxe goodness!
  • Like Captain Solo where he is? Then you’ll love him in your freezer!

Order the Han Solo in Carbonite Deluxe 10″ Silicone Tray for $16.95 at Gadgets and Gear. You can also find it on sale at Amazon.com.

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