Halloween Morphsuits

Halloween Morphsuits

You’ve seen Morphsuits before, right? They’re the unitards that literally cover you from head to toe. If you’re still fishing for ideas for Halloween costumes, why not throw on squeeze into the all-in-one Halloween Morphsuit and call it a day? Spandex can be your best friend or worst enemy, but on Hallow’s Eve anything goes. If super heroes and professional bikers can make peace with spandex why can’t we, just for one evening?

Dazzle the town as a wicked purple witch, skeleton, mummy, ninja, flag of Britain, commando guy, or Fraken guy with visible guts. Black tie events might require the Tuxedo Black Morphsuit. This might be your chance to empathize with your girlfriend when she complains about the discomfort of her Spanx.

Halloween Morphsuits

  • Breathe, see and even drink through a Morphsuit!
  • Unisex – for the brave ladies out there!
  • Made from 100% Lycra – stretchy!
  • Durable – can be worn be worn over and over
  • Machine washable (do not bleach or iron)
  • Adult sizes are available in 18 different designs

Morph into the tightest costume there is (without showing any skin) with one of the several Halloween Morphsuits, available at IWantOneOfThose.com for £39.99.

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