Half-Life Headcrab Hat

Half-Life Headcrab Hat

Have you already tortured yourself enough by getting your face eaten with the Alien Facehugger Plush? Don’t blame the plush, it’s lonely and isn’t happy being friendless in its earthly home. Make things better by getting the Alien Facehugger a companion with the Half-Life Headcrab Hat. No guarantees that you won’t turn into a murderous zombie if you don one, so wear one at your own risk!

Kidding aside, if you’re a fan of Half-Life, then you’d probably get one just because. That said, the Headcrab Hat is the perfect headpiece to wear when you’re going to a themed party or a convention where you can wear your geekiness proudly on your head like a crown.

Half-Life Headcrab Hat

The headcrab of course, is the original fascinator. When this parasitic lifeform attaches to your head, it changes your brain waves. It makes you fascinated with the idea of killing other humans. This particular headcrab is specifically designed to be headwear.

  • Hat shaped like a headcrab from Half-Life 2
  • We’re pretty sure it won’t turn you into a killing zombie
  • But not 100% sure, so y’know, take your chances
  • Be sure you know where the nearest crowbar is

The Half-Life Headcrab Hat is available from ThinkGeek for $29.99.  For all the ogre lovers out there, don’t forget to checkout the Shrek Baby Beanie.

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