GymyGym Ergonomic Exercise Chair


We all know it’s not very good for our health if we just sit on our butts all day while we’re at work. Sadly, it’s something that a lot of us have to do, otherwise we’d all be out of jobs. The people behind the GymyGym think so, too, which is why they’ve made the first ergonomic exercise chair.

Studies have shown that people who spend a prolonged time seated exposed themselves to higher risks of encountering these health concerns:

1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
2. Spinal Stenosis
3. Spondylosthesis
4. Generalized Disk Disease

Ergonomics (which is the science that involves designing objects so that they work with the human body rather than go against it) is behind the GymyGym’s design. The chair is laced with a patented bungee seating system that provides you with the right amount of support while relieving pressure from your body at the points where such pressure concentrates on.

The GymyGym is available for $599 on their website. It’s kind of pricey, but for health’s sake, I think it will be well worth it.

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  1. Every little bit of exercise helps. Use your chair, fidget, be in motion, walk, use an exercise machine. Be one the go. Move.

  2. Gah…looking at this as I stuff tightly wadded shirts between my lower back and my chair for lumbar support is making me distinctly jealous!

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