Gummi-X Bug Centre

Gummi-X Bug Center

No, your child isn’t about to eat a real bug (thank goodness!) Rather, it’s just one of the extremely realistic and detailed buggy treats you can cook and mold with the Gummi-X Bug Centre.

Want to fill your bugs with gooey fillings or use flavored jellies while you’re at it? It’s no problem with the Gummi-X Bug Centre. Just fill the molds up, set, and enjoy. Plant the creepy crawlies on the plates or dessert bowls of unsuspecting victims diners and catch their priceless expressions when they finally glance down at their plates that the bugs have invaded.

Gummi-X Bug Centre

Gummi-X Bug Centre

Ever looked down at a creepy crawlie and thought “my word, that looks delicious”? Us neither. That would be ridiculous, crunchy and wrong. But what if you could build your very own edible bugs using sweet and squidgy household ingredients? Well that changes everything.

The Gummi-X Bug Centre lets you do just that. Use the set of lifelike moulds to whip up a batch of stag beetles, crayfish or woodlice. You can use any delicious kitchen ingredients you like, from jelly to chocolate. Add realistic details and patterns with the supplied paintbrush and get ready to scare your Nan next time she pops round.

The Gummi-X Bug Centre is available from Firebox for £24.99 ($40).

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