Gummi Tongues

Gummi Tongue

If you like to play with your food and make silly faces, check out these Gummi Tongues. There are three versions, each with a unique color, shape, and flavor. The Viper is blue raspberry, the Joker is Cherry, and the Witch is sour apple at, but if you order from you can choose from a wide variety of flavors and colors for each style tongue.

There are plenty of other fun gummy candies to play with besides these gummy tongues. There are the Gummi Army Men, Super Mario Gummies, and of course the Gummi Shot Glasses. For those with a super sweet tooth, there were the humongous Giant Gummy Bears and Giant Gummy Worms.Gummy Candy Tongues

The cheeky treats come in three styles: Sour Apple Witch’s Tongue, Blue Raspberry Viper’s Tongue and Cherry Joker’s Tongue. Choose your favourite shape, pop it in your mush and chase your friends and family around the house. Handy grooves at the back of the tongue let you grip it with your teeth so it won’t accidentally flop out while you’re jogging. Now if we could just find some strap-on sticks and dinner-plate goggles we’d have the complete kit.

Order Gummy Tongues in a wide variety of colors and flavors for $7.95 each at Pre-order Gummi Tongues for £6.99 ($11 / €8) from For more tongue fun, check out the Lickety Spoon.

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  1. How much are u selling them for because I want to buy one of those gummy giant tongue

  2. Oh and I want a joker one

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