Guitar Scales Playing Cards

Guitar Scales Playing Cards

I don’t know the first thing about playing the guitar, so maybe these Guitar Scales Playing Cards could help me. Unless I’m really really not musically inclined.

This card set will help you to learn scales & key signatures and it includes all of the major and minor scales. You have to start somewhere after all.

Guitar Scales Playing Cards Set

Guitar Scales Playing Cards Specifications

  • A fun way to learn your scales and key signatures
  • Standard deck of playing cards with electric guitars on the backs
  • Features 48 scales: 12 Major, 12 Natural Minor, 12 Harmonic Minor, 12 Melodic Minor
  • Each card features: Scale name in English, French, and Spanish; Key signature; Notes of the scale (Treble Clef); Diagram showing the notes of the scale on guitar, including string names, fret numbers, scale formula, and the root note in red
  • Four aces complete the deck with more information about these scales
  • Jokers feature basic information about playing the guitar
  • Don’t play guitar? No biggie. Scales are the same for every instrument. The whole steps, half steps, and augmented 2nds are easy to see on the guitar fingerboard.
  • Don’t use treble clef? No biggie. If you’re going to be a serious musician, you should learn to read it. It’ll come in handy!

Fun and learning at the same time? That always helps you learn quicker. Just $5.99 from Thinkgeek.

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