Grumpy Cat Plush

Grumpy Cat Plush

You know her. You love her. And you can’t cheer her up. Grumpy cat is just grumpy so you can’t cuddle her. That’s why we need the Grumpy Cat Plush.

Now you can hug and squeeze Grumpy cat as much as you like. She’s still going to be grumpy, but at least you’ll be happy because she feels nice and soft. Who knows? Maybe you’ll lighten her up some.

This awesome plush is just $19.99 from Entertainment Earth. Pre-order her now and she arrives in September.

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Conner Flynn

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Conner has been blogging for major internet publications since 2007, has authored several Sci-Fi novels and short stories and loves geek/tech toys. His latest project is a new geek toy store over at where he hopes to make many geeks happy by making sure they stay young.

3 Responses to “Grumpy Cat Plush”

  1. grumpy cat is female!! as much as I enjoy the fact they have come out with a grumpy cat plush, I would appreciate it more if the article got it correct and stated ‘she’ when referring to grumpy cat!

  2. This is adorable and I will be buying one for me, my mom and my several other people who love her!!! Her videos are beyond adorable, I can’t wait for a lil’ Bub plush toy!!! She has the sweetest face!!! Thanks!!!

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