Gremlins Obey the Rules Pint Glass Set

Gremlins Obey the Rules Pint Glass Set

How many of you have ever seen a Gremlin? Think about it for a minute. Something cute and cuddly, turns all vicious and crazy once if it eats after midnight, multiples when wet, or is terrified of bright light…Sounds a lot like your everyday college student that parties a little too hard.

Gizmo and Mogwai fans will appreciate the Gremlins Obey the Rules Pint Glass Set. These simple rules will not only benefit you when your dad brings home the most random of gifts on Christmas, but they would probably work well in your everyday life…Of course you need to drink water, but eating after midnight and sunlight without sunscreen, we all know how that turns out.

Enjoy these 16 oz pint glasses as you remember the 1984 classic Gremlins and stay true to the three basic rules: never expose a Mogwai to bright light (sunlight will kill it), never get it wet (will make it multiply), and most importantly, never feed it after midnight (turns into a crazy miniature Godzilla!)

You can purchase the Gremlins Obey the Rules Pint Glass Set at from $16.99 and at Perpetual Kid for $14.99.

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