Golfer’s Doorstop

Golfer's Doorstop

My mom is the type of person who fusses a lot, especially at the last minute. It always irks my dad to have to wait around while she runs around doing some last minute stuff; so when I saw the Golfer’s Doorstop, I knew it was something my dad would definitely want to have.

My dad’s a pretty average golfer, so maybe the Golfer’s Doorstop can help him get his game on. It’s not just a practice hole either, because it actually is a doorstop that can hold your door open as well. Functional and definitely recommended for people who want something to do if they expect to do a bit of waiting around before leaving the house or apartment.

Golfer's Doorstop

Golfer’s Doorstop

The Golfer’s Doorstop is brilliant on many levels. One, it’s a door stop – massively useful. Secondly, it’s your very own indoor golf course that you can move anywhere – perhaps the golfer in the family will stay at home more rather than escaping onto the course (it’s worth a try). Thirdly, it looks cool and makes for the ideal gift for anyone into golf! Put the golfer’s doorstop in your house and practice to your heart’s content!

  • Holds the door while you practice your putting
  • An ideal gift for golfers of any level

The Golfer’s Doorstop is available from Red5 for £10.95.  If golf is your game, you might enjoy the Star Wars Golf Club Covers and Toilet Tee Time.

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