Godzilla Plush Feet

Godzilla Plush Feet

Do you ever feel like the weight of the whole world is on your shoulders sometimes when you wake up? Feel like every step you have to take to get to the bathroom is like moving feet frozen in cement? If you’ve got problems as big as Godzilla, then literally walk a few steps in the giant’s feet with these Godzilla Plush Feet.

Obviously they aren’t as heavy as they look, but you get the whole point. In fact, their gigantic appearance might even have an opposite effect on your mood and bright a smile to your face first thing in the morning. You can’t knock down any buildings or kick cars away while you have these on, but you can definitely take big steps to a bright new day.

Godzilla Plush Feet

  • Knock down buildings and walk on cars!
  • 13 1/2-inches long.
  • Limited edition.

Now you can knock down buildings and walk on cars with your very own pair of authentic Godzilla Plush Feet, attractively sewn in faux lizard skin. These fabulous footsies measure 5 1/2-inches tall x 9 1/2-inches wide x 13 1/2-inches long. Step on it and pick these up fast… because they’re a limited edition! These slippers are suitable for a wide range of foot sizes but they best fit men’s sizes 8-12.

These Godzilla Plush Feet are available from Entertainment Earth for $30.99.  If you are a fan of Godzilla, checkout the Godzilla Board Game.

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