Globe Ice Lantern Kit

Globe Ice Lantern Kit

Two elements that usually don’t play well with each other combine for some artistic decoration with the Globe Ice Lantern Kit.

Fire and water aren’t exactly the best of friends – Fire tends to make Water a bit steamy, at least when Water isn’t raining on Fire’s parade – but it’s amazing how something like freezing temperatures can improve a friendship.

With a little help from this kit and your freezer, you can make decorative ice globes to add a little elemental ambiance either indoors or outside.

Globe Ice Lantern Kit

Globe Ice Lantern Kit

  • Make 2 sizes of ice lanterns easy in your own freezer.
  • Globes range from 8-30lbs (soccer ball size to large basketball size)!
  • Make 6 Globe Ice Lanterns with this kit.
  • Just add water and freezer (not included, of course).
  • Can be used in any climate or season, inside or out. Of course, the colder it is, the longer they’ll last.
  • Include: 1 Detailed Instruction Guide, 6 Premium Heavyweight Balloons, 6 Clean-burning Candles, 3 Easy-close Clips, 2 Small Freezing Bases, 1 Large Freezing Base, 1 Insulating Disk
  • Small Globe Ice Lanterns: approx. 7-8″ diameter will last about 5-8 hours (using LED lights could double these times).
  • Large Globe Ice Lanterns: approx. 11-13″ will last about 12-24 hours (using LED lights could double these times).

You can get chilly with the Globe Ice Lantern Kit for $29.99 at

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