Glasses with Built-In Widescreen Video Camera

Video Glasses

The sporty looking Immortal Video Glasses is equipped with a VGA video camera that is capable of recording video in a 736×480 pixel resolution and store the recorded material onto the 4GB large built-in memory.

Armed with a built-in widescreen VGA video camera, these incredible specs can shoot and store up to 3 hours of video-quality footage, leaving your hands free for holding handlebars, climbing mountains or just waving at fans.

The simple 2 button controls make these easier to use than most hand-held cameras and at 51g, aren’t much heavier than standard sunnies. Each pair comes with three sets of interchangeable lenses (polarised flame orange, polarised dark grey, and clear) for maximum visibility in all light conditions and a protective metal carry case.

Video Glasses

Product Specifications

  • Internal memory: 4GB (3 hours of footage)
  • Video resolution 736×480 pixels (widescreen VGA)
  • 3 Mega Pixels lens
  • Records at 25 frames per second
  • Produces AVI file type
  • Internal microphone
  • Built in 500mAh battery (2.5 hours of running time)
  • Voltage 5V DC
  • Please note: Immortal Video Eye Gear is not waterproof if submerged… but they are splashproof.

The Immortal Video Glasses are yours for £239.99 from (about $384).

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  1. this Glasses is so fantastic love it ….. 🙂

  2. cool,i like it

  3. nice, i like ofthis…
    I want one! 😀

  4. DEAR SIR OR MADAM: Have you or your readers noticed that just about ALL of those spy video cameras are as stupid-looking as the people who buy/wear them? I mean, you would look like Dr. Spunk or Dr Spock from Star Trek walking around in them. Why can’t they make them sensible-looking for sensible-looking people like, er, me?
    DES, MARCH 1, 2012.

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