Glass Garden Globe

Glass Garden Globe

Sometimes life’s most beautiful artwork comes in the form of things found in nature. When you hang Glass Garden Globes, it’s a testament of how life can thrive on the barest minimum.

We thrive on all our toys and gadgets. But we, like plants, also thrive on the free stuff too like sunshine, fresh air and TLC. These mini plants don’t even need soil. Talk about low-maintenance.

Glass Garden Globe Plant

The air plant derives all its nutrients from the air and needs no soil to thrive – giving it a somewhat miraculous, ethereal quality. Our glass globe comes with everything needed to create an individual garden sphere, including instructions on how to water and care for your air plant. Whether displayed alone or in multiples, their modern textures and pops of green make the globes intriguing pieces of living sculpture.

  • glass globe, sand, pebbles and 1 air plant
  • includes all the elements needed to make a living ornament
  • includes care and instruction guide
  • 5″ diam.

Having a glass garden globe is just a cool and unusual way to display plants, and the more you have the better the visual effect. You can find the Glass Garden Globe, which comes with one plant, at Red Envelope for $29.95.

GeekAlerts also has other good ideas for raising non-conventional plants. Adorn your home or office with the Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set, Grow Your Own Banana Tree Kit, Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree Kit, or the Four-Leaf Clover Planting Kit.

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