Gizmon iCA Military Edition iPhone Case

Gizmon iCA Military Edition iPhone Case

If you’re a fan of vintage cameras or military equipment, then you are going to love the Gizmon iCA Military Edition iPhone Case. Designed to look like Leica rangefinders used by Military Photographers, this iPhone 4/s case will take you back in time every time you grab a call, take a picture or send an email.

The Gizmon iCA Military Edition iPhone Case is more than just a regular iPhone case. It is constructed of 23 durable polycarbonate pieces and combines style with functionality, all while wrapping itself around your iPhone and creating a new camera. Use the wide, macro or fisheye lenses to create custom images not available with your standard camera.

Gizmon iCA Military Edition Case

Step back in time to the days of classically proportioned cameras that fit your hand like a glove, and do it all with one product: the Gizmon iCA Military Edition.

  • Classic photojournalist’s rangefinder complete with viewfinder and top mounted shutter button
  • Constructed of 23 durable polycarbonate pieces
  • Military iCA wraps itself around your iPhone completely creating an entirely new camera
  • The iCA blurs the line between phone and camera by combining them both.
  • A detachable tripod mount is great for longer exposures
  • Soft fabric bag will protect the camera when not in use

You can pre-order the Gizmon iCA Military Edition iPhone Case for $70 and they will be shipping on March 17th, 2012 from the Four Corner Store.

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  1. Hello, love the concept and i do want one! I have a set of magnetic auxuillary lenses for my iphone now, will they still work with this case or do i need to buy new lenses to fit the case?

    Thank you, great idea by the way!!!!

    Louis Jiran

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