Giant Gummi Heart

Giant Gummy Candy Heart

During your next horror movie marathon, surprise your friends by biting into one of these life-sized Giant Gummi Hearts. It’s delicious cherry flavored gummy candy, but it is in the shape of a real human heart complete with veins, valves, and ventricles. Plus it weighs in at a whopping full pound, so you’ll have plenty to share with your friends.

Giant Gummi Heart

  • Life-sized edible gummy heart
  • Cherry flavor
  • Gluten-free
  • Measures approximately 15 cm(L) x 8 cm(H) x 5 cm(D)
  • Weighs approximately 1 pound (455 grams)

Order the Giant Gummy Heart for $15 at, or pre-order the Giant Gummi Heart for £12.99 ($21 / €15) at

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  1. oh my lots of sugar

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