Ghost Pepper Spicy Sour Watermelon Candy

Ghost Pepper Spicy Sour Watermelon Candy

Are you ready for more spicy fun? Was the Bhut Jolokia: The World’s Hottest Pepper not hot enough for you? Are you ready for a sour fruity experience while scintillating your taste buds with the hottest pepper around? Then the Ghost Pepper Spicy Sour Watermelon Candy might just be the tangy and zingy candy you’re looking to munch on.

This candy with a base watermelon flavor is enough to make a grown man cry. Perfect for pranksters and for gags. The expressions on the faces of the people who accept this black-and-green candy from you will be priceless.

Ghost Pepper Spicy Sour Watermelon Candy

Watermelon-flavored sweets with a hint of spice? How could that possibly work? We don’t know, but it totally does. Don’t believe us? Try the Spicy Sour Watermelon Candy yourself!

From the same people behind the devilishly spicy Bhut Jolokia, these hard candies make a welcome change from your run-of-the mill gobstoppers. Packed with juicy flavor, but with a powerful chilli kick, they make a great gift or fruity surprise!

  • Handmade hard spicy watermelon sweets
  • 28g of candy per pack
  • Pack dimensions: 9.5cm(H) x 8.5cm(W) x 0.5cm(D)

The Ghost Pepper Spicy Sour Watermelon Candy is available from Firebox at $14 for a pack of candy.

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