Geek Trading Cards

Geek Trading Cards

There are trading cards for baseball players, football players, and basketball players, but what about the real heroes—Geeks! Now you can celebrate some of the best nerds around with these Geek Trading Cards designed by famed artist Len Peralta.

With these Geek A Week Cards, each week a new set of 8 cards will be introduced for a total collection of 52 unique cards. Each two-sided full-color trading card has an incredible piece of artwork on one side, the iconic representation of the geek by Len Peralta, and lists of statistics and micro biography on the other.

Geek A Week Cards

The first set of 8 Geek Trading Cards (pictured above) include the following elite geeks:

  • #1 – Jonathan Coulton
  • #2 – Fred Seibert
  • #3 – Veronica Belmont
  • #4 – John Scalzi
  • #5 – Rifftrax
  • #6 – Bonnie Burton
  • #7 – MC Frontalot
  • #8 – Ken Plume

    Geek A Week Cards Set One is available for $9.99 at ThinkGeek.

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