Garmin Fēnix GPS Watch

Garmin Fenix GPS Watch

Perfect for the outdoorsman, but the Garmin Fēnix GPS Watch is a high-sensitivity GPS navigator + ABC adventure watch, allowing even hands-free operation.

The Garmin Fēnix GPS Watch can be used as a training tool to pace yourself. It can be used to monitor your heart rate, speed/cadence, and as a temperature gage thanks to remote sensors. The data can be saved and shared through your smartphone.

Garmin Fenix GPS Watch

With built-in GPS + ABC functions, fēnix gives you all the navigational tools you need in a rugged wristwatch – keeping your hands free for when you need them. Get accurate readings on your location no matter what position your wrist is in or how dense the foliage is around you.

Push the limits. Hiking, biking, hunting, off roading, whatever rough terrain you’re on, fēnix provides accurate elevation to track your bearings and altitude.

Easily monitor weather and temperature so an unexpected shower doesn’t take you by surprise.

The Garmin Fēnix GPS Watch is available for $399.99 at

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