Gandalf The Grey Illuminating Staff

Gandalf The Grey Illuminating Staff

Wizards have a pretty sweet life because they can use magic to make the simplest things seems awesome. Take the Gandalf The Grey Illuminating Staff, for example. In the hands of any other old geezer, it would just be a walking stick; nothing but a cane with an over-inflated ego.

But put that staff in the hands of a wizard and you get a talisman that helps you cast a variety of spells… in addition to being a perfectly good walking stick.

This full-size replica of Gandalf’s staff measures 5-feet tall, includes a crystal that lights up at the top, and doesn’t require years of study at Hogwarts, or whatever school of magic people go to in Middle-Earth.

Be prepared to help any Hobbits that need to dispose of jewelry with the Gandalf The Grey Illuminating Staff for £143.99/$217.78 (pre-order) at It will also be available at and

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Marty Shaw is a Texas-based writer, who is addicted to geeky gadgets and all things Doctor Who-related. When he's not trying to figure out a creative way to hitch a ride in the TARDIS, he imagines what it would be like to live through a zombie apocalypse as an uncool version of Daryl Dixon.

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