Game of Thrones Cookbook

Unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook

With the wildly popular books, merchandise and an HBO spin-off series, the Games of Thrones fantasy saga by George R. R. Martin has taken hold of geeks and geekettes, as well as the general public. Not since Lord of the Rings, has a fantasy novel had this much hype and expectations. And while the Game of Thrones Cookbook is unofficial, it is still packed with 256 pages of exotic sweets, alchemy-inspired cocktails and hearty meals.

Lord Nestor Royce’s Wild Mushroom Ragout

Lord Nestor Royce’s Wild Mushroom Ragout

Eat at like a Lannister. Brew spirits to warm you in the coming winter. Treat guests to exotic sweets and alchemy-inspired cocktails. With this collection of hearty meals inspired by George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, it’s all possible! Every dish finds its roots in the pages that brought Westeros to life, including:

  • Arbor Red Wine–the finest spirit in the Seven Kingdoms
  • The House of Stark’s Venison, Apple, Cheddar Plaits–savory meat pies, fit for any Warden of the North
  • The Imp’s Wild Strawberry Fool–a dessert light enough to make Tyrion smile
  • Wilding Grilled Pork Chops with Stir-Grilled Apples–the meal of choice at Craster’s Keep
  • Tears of Lys–the concoction of choice for bartenders and assassins alike
Barristan the Bold’s Wild Boar Ribs with Dragon Pepper

Barristan the Bold’s Wild Boar Ribs with Dragon Pepper

Enjoy a Game of Thrones night with friends and family as you partake in games, food and festivities without all the chaos in Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. The unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook is available for pre-order from for $9.89 and Adams Media for $13.57.

UPDATE: The Unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook is now available at for $19.95.

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  1. Don’t forget about the upcoming Official Game of Thrones cookbook, with color photos and a long foreword by George RR Martin himself!

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