Gadget Backup Battery with LED Flashlight

Backup Battery

This emergency device is charged via USB and can then serve as a backup battery for your favorite gadgets using any of all the included adapters. As a bonus, it also features a LED flashlight.

It supports charging iPhone too. And it is also a super bright torch for you to use it in the dark area. It is environmental-friendly that the battery can be rechargeable by USB.

Product Features

  • Battery Type: 18650Li
  • Capacity: 3.7V
  • Output Voltage: DC5.2V
  • Input: 5V-500mA
  • Charged Time: 5 hours(2200mAh)
  • 4 LEDs indicates different charging level
  • Press the button to check the capacity
  • Size: 200*110*35mm
  • Weight: 145g

Gadget Backup

The USB Portable Charging Kit With Torch is yours for $27 over at

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  1. Is it instantly back up the mobile battery!

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