Funny T-Shirt Giveaway

Funny T-Shirt Giveaway

Neatoshop is a great place to buy funny t-shirts, and right now during the Funny T-Shirt Giveaway, you have the chance to win some totally free. In the collage above you can see a tiny sampling of the hundreds of t-shirt designs Neatoshop offers. They have tons of funny tees with themes like zombies, Star Wars, Docter Who, movies, TV shows, and pop culture. If you win this contest, you’ll have an $80 budget to select up to 8 t-shirts of the size, style, and color of your choice.

Since you can select the shirts you want if you win this giveaway, start things off by browsing the Funny T-Shirts available at Neatoshop. Browse the selections, pick at least one t-shirt you would like if you win, and post it in a comment to this page. Then use the Rafflecopter Giveaway form below to earn/activate your entries.

If you’re the lucky winner randomly selected from the entries at the end of this giveaway, you’ll have an $80 budget towards the purchase of in-stock t-shirts from Since their shirts are mostly priced from $9.95 to $19.95, this means you’ll be able to select 4 to 8 t-shirts!

This sweepstakes is open to everyone 18 years of age or older world-wide, and you can earn up to 16 entries. You must enter by March 27, 2013 12:01 AM EST.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note that even if you already did something in the past, such as following GeekAlerts on Pinterest, you can still add the entries for that task in this giveaway. Just make sure to keep everything active through the drawing period, because we’ll verify the winner actually completed the required tasks for the entries. Use a valid email account when you enter so we can contact you if you win. GeekAlerts DOES NOT send spam emails, sell, distribute or share information with anyone. Read the Official Rules for all the legal details.

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113 Responses to “Funny T-Shirt Giveaway”

  1. Anything with star wars please!

  2. I like the YES! shirt the best with Daniel Bryan looking like a Mario Bros character.

  3. Alicia Arsenault Reply May 19, 2014 at 10:22 pm

    LOVE Spider’s Nightmare & Maniacs II!

  4. I like them all!

  5. Very awesome!!

  6. B-E-N-D-E-R… beeeeeeendeeeer… 🙂

  7. I like the post-vet AT-AT.

  8. Great giveaway. Thank you.

  9. Love the mushroom hunters shirt!

  10. Ninja Xenomorphs!

  11. I love the Breaking Bender shirt! So cute!

  12. I like the Storm Neon Candy Trooper shirt

  13. I like the Heir to the Throne, colored

  14. Ninja Xenomorphs

  15. I love ninja xenomorphs!

  16. Mélanie Tremblay Reply May 20, 2014 at 3:33 am

    WOW!!!!! Thank you

  17. I love the Monster Island tee.

  18. OMG, I want the minion Doctor Who shirt for sure!!

  19. Love the Tim Burton Imaginary Friends shirt!

  20. Oh man. If I won I would be there for hours deciding what shirts I want and I’d end up buying more than what is free .
    After a quick browse, I think I would get the ” I love you” and ” I know” t-shirts for my husband and I to wear together, Maybe the constellation 42 shirt for my husband, maybe a shirt for my daughter and the rest would probably be Doctor Who shirts for myself.

  21. Love the SMURF MANEUVER!!!

  22. evil minion!

  23. Power Scouts or anything Dr. Who!

  24. I love all the shirts but my favorites are the Daniel Bryan shirt, Breaking Bender, the banana, and all the Star Wars shirts.

  25. Go wrong with Star Wars shirts, you can not

  26. i want the censored banana

  27. i wanna banana. i want a banana. LOOK AT MEEEEEE

  28. So many awesome shirts, but i want theses 2 items

    Sustained Shelling tshirt
    AT-AT – Star Wars Backpack Buddy

  29. Sherlock Underground and Sherlock Texting would be a must have…there are just too many excellent choices!! Deciding will be the hardest thing….

  30. Rabbit Racer ! I love all the shirts and I know my daughter is going to want a bunch for back to school !

  31. Battle Damage would be sweet to have.

  32. There are some rather clever shirts on there.

  33. Friends on that deathstar, or any other star wars shirt.

  34. monster island

  35. Dr. whoooooooooooooooo

  36. Star Ships is one of my favorites.

  37. Evil Minion 😉

  38. AT-AT in cone-of-shame

  39. I love the Bender shirt

  40. I love the Star Wars shirt!

  41. Heaven holds no grudges is cute.

  42. I love the SerenE.T. t-shirt! I need that one for my brother. The Turdis is funny as h*ll. I think I may need that one for myself. 🙂

  43. I love Neatoshop’s shirts! They have some of the best science shirts around.

  44. Love the minion doctor who one

  45. There are too many to name ALL the shirts I like, but here are a few: Souffle Girl; Timey Wimey Mr Doctor; Mr. MeSmurf; Not Saying It Was Science But…; Family Christmas Quotes; and For The Sake of An Angel. As you can tell, I have a penchant for Doctor Who. Hooray for this giveaway!

  46. If I win, I’ll choose the “Unix – Highway to Shell” and some other funny geek shirts for my sons in college.

  47. breaking bender

  48. In Zebes no one will hear you scream. Absolutely.

  49. Needs all the shirts 🙂

  50. One of my favorites is Not Saying It Was Science But …

  51. I like the tide nerd shirt.

  52. LOVE Spider’s Nightmare & Maniacs II!

  53. My poor dog is wearing a surgery cone at the moment
    So couldn’t stop giggling at the atat in a cone

  54. all of them

  55. i like the The Walking Dead shirt

  56. Meghan Malicoat Reply May 20, 2014 at 5:27 pm

    I really love the Doctor Gru shirt. Very cute.

  57. Physics and Law Enforcement T-shirt is awesome

  58. I like, Keep Calm and take a Break.

  59. Doctor Who for me please!

  60. I love My First Doctor!

  61. stop world whining.

  62. E2D2
    Dude, I’m not Zelda
    Mini Theory
    PokE Tee
    I Love You
    I Know
    Kitt McQueen
    Claw Machine
    Back to the Firehouse
    and many more!

  63. Dan J (Kilgore T) Reply May 21, 2014 at 6:38 am

    Trojan Rabbit

  64. Robin Brooksbank Reply May 21, 2014 at 7:04 am

    love the breaking bender shirt, could use more than 1!

  65. I like My First Doctor.

  66. Soni Aralynn Cosplay T-Shirts – love the artwork

  67. I really like the Dean shirt.

  68. Icey Yodal

  69. I like these:
    Big Minion Theory
    The Bubblemaker
    Welcome to Cloud City
    Come On Scoob
    Lack of Cookies

  70. The bender breaking bad one! Futurama!

  71. I like the “Pizza” shirt and the “Don’t pet the sweaty things” shirt.

  72. Storm Neon Candy Trooper shirt

  73. I would love the Lunar express or the My Neighbor Portal shirts!

  74. The new “Michelangelo” design. Very artistic! A little becomes a teenage mutant ninja, and then a sculptor as well.

  75. Schrodinger’s Cat: Wanted Dead And/Or Alive

  76. I love the Master Mogwai.

  77. Dude, I’m not Zelda! Yes to that!

  78. I absolutley need the
    – The Ocarina of Time Travel
    – Evil Minion
    -Luke I am your Doctor
    -R2-DWHO & CYB3R-PO
    – Mmm … Pi T-Shirt
    omg so many of them…..

  79. I like the Respect the Chemistry shirt.

  80. I’d get the Boba Fett’s Fugitive Recovery Service and the Tusken Pride t-shirt for my husband. He’s an original Star Wars fan.

  81. I like the Fight Club T-Shirt

  82. I like the chemical avengers shirt.

  83. Square Root
    Respect the Chemistry
    Dude, I’m not ZELDA!!
    The Dark Side of Link

  84. One of my favorites is “Imaginary Friends” so cool!

  85. My body is a temple, Beer, X Banana, and Where Everyone Drinks Your Name are some of my favorites.

  86. Love this site i would pick 3 in boys medium

    man of steel
    i don’t care
    the dark side line

  87. galactic bounty hunter
    want more life
    fremen beer

  88. I like the matching shirts, one says I love you and the other says I know

  89. Some of the fun shirts I would get from NeatoShop would be the Captain Sparrow, Little Sister Protection, and the I don’t Care shirt.

  90. Shemp DeYoung (@shempgames) Reply May 25, 2014 at 10:46 pm

    I like the Bigfoot of Endor shirt a lot.

  91. I like the let me bake you a cake shirt.

  92. I think I’d get the AT AT cone shirt.

  93. Imaginary Friends & wine lol love so many of them

  94. love the minions in the phone booth

  95. I would get the Princess Diana hoodie! Fun!

  96. Stephanie Grant Reply May 26, 2014 at 2:18 pm

    OOoohhhh I would love to win this! I think I would get the Mini Theory, All Men Are Idiots … I Married Their King, The Voices in My Head: Hotel California and the Zombies Love Nerds – They Have Bigger Brains shirts for sure!

  97. I like the Eye of the Tiger but there are so many nice ones, I won’t have a problem finding 8 – LOL

  98. Peggy Rydzewski Reply May 26, 2014 at 3:19 pm

    The Michelangelo T-Shirt cracks me up.!!!

  99. I love My Body is a Temple

  100. Karrie Millheim Reply May 26, 2014 at 5:53 pm

    I want Zelda and all the Star Wars shirts.

  101. I like the Mini Theory, and Binary Grump.

  102. I love the Starling City Archery as Arrow is one of my favorite shows.

  103. The Last King
    Kaiju Collide
    God Hound

  104. Leslie L Stanziani Reply May 26, 2014 at 7:49 pm

    I would have to get Teenage Mutant Ninja Zombies for my pre-teen son.

  105. I like the banana tee.

  106. Thanks for the giveaway… I like the Unless You Can Be Talia T-Shirt

  107. Beverly Metcalf Reply May 26, 2014 at 8:58 pm

    Those are really cute t-shirts. I would love the I Don’t Care one. Thanks for having this contest.

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