Fukushima Plate

Fukushima Plate

The world went through quite a scare with the nuclear crisis that rocked Japan after the devastating earthquake and tsunami struck the region. Reports of leaks at the Fukushima nuclear power plant flooded the air waves, with news that the country’s food supply had been contaminated with radiation.

Public safety is the major concern and Nils Ferber’s concept Fukushima Plate seems to provide a simple and cost-effective solution.

Ferber proposes integrating OLED rings into the ceramic plate and attaching a removable radiation detector at the base of the plate. Simply pop it off the plate to wash the plate or give it a rinse in dishwasher.

Fukushima Plate

The number of rings that light up indicate the gravity of radiation contamination of the food that has been placed on the plate. What we’re aiming for, of course, is no rings, since that would mean that no increased levels of radiation have been detected. If three rings are lit up, then chances are it’s time to chuck the food into the bin for your safety.

Hopefully, some companies will pick up on this idea and begin producing it commercially. But for now, the Fukushima Plate remains a concept.

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  1. As the government is testing the food and a regular radiation meter would be more than sufficient, this would simply be nonsense to consider.
    It makes FAR more sense to run a regular radiation detector over the UNPREPARED food, rather than cross-contaminate the pure food with the contaminated food!

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