FroliCat Twitch

FroliCat Twitch

A few of us here at GeekAlerts have a soft spot for pets, especially cats.  That’s probably a good reason why we like to show you entertaining pet devices like the Cats Attack Scratching PostFroliCat Bolt and now the FroliCat Twitch.  The FroliCat Twitch is great for entertaining your cat while you’re at work or on vacation.  Just place it on top of a chair, table or other smooth object and it attaches via suction cup.  Then just strap on a feather or mouse toy and watch it go.  With its automatic play feature and initiating beeps, it lets your cat know its time to get up and play.

FroliCat Twitch Toy

FroliCat Twitch

Hot on the heels (or should that be paws?) of FroliCat’s other cat entertainment systems, this paw-swipingly funny battery-operated gizmo will have moggy clawing, pawing, roly-ing and poly-ing for dear life as it automatically flicks around a ball, feather and bell. It even beeps to let kitty know when a play session is about to begin. Meow!FroliCat Twich Cat Toy

  • Automatically bounces and swings a teaser toy to entice your cat
  • Single 10 minute session, or mutliple play sessions throughout the day
  • Beeps before each session

Treat your cats to some fun and excitement while you are away with the FroliCat Twitch.  Available for pre-order at Firebox for $33 with free delivery and at from $18.69.

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