Freezy Pup Treats

Freezy Pup Treats

A few weeks after getting my puppy, I encountered one problem that I’m sure a lot of other dog owners do: picky eating. My Shih Tzu pup would pick through her food and leave it untouched for hours until I go over and hand-feed her the kibble. I worry about her health incessantly, which is why I think feeding her Freezy Pup Treats might do her a lot of good.

Freezy Pup Treats are delicious, frozen treats that you can mix up in your very own kitchen. The kit comes with a tray and several packs of frozen treat packets to mix up with water and pour into the tray to pop into your freezer. It’s organic, tasty, and will make a good complement to your pup’s regular diet.

Freezy Pup Treats

Freezy Pup Treats

If your dog has discriminating tastes, or you are eco-minded, you’re going to love Freezy Pups. Each kit of Freezy Pups Dog Treats comes with one bone-shaped ice cube tray and a sample packet of four organic gourmet recipes. So organic and gourmet, in fact, all the ingredients are real words and real foods.

  • Easy, organic frozen treats for your pup
  • Mix the packet with water and freeze into 14 bone-shaped treats
  • Freezy Pups kit contains:
    • Bone-shaped ice cube tray (food grade, recyclable materials)
    • 4 packets of Freezy Pups: White Cheddar, Juicy Apple, Sweet Potato ‘n Maple, Chicken Soup
  • Refill boxes contain 5 packets of one flavor. Each packet makes a tray of treats (14).

You can get the Freezy Pup Treats kit from ThinkGeek for $19.99.

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