Four Seasons Tree of Life Necklace

Four Seasons Tree of Life Necklace

Fashion can be a pain when it comes to matching what you wear with the time of year it is but the Four Seasons Tree of Life Necklace will make sure you’re always wearing the right piece of jewelry, no matter what page the calendar is on.

Matching makeup with a ‘seasonal color analysis’ and remembering to not wear white after Labor Day can be a pain in the butt, but you’ll always be in fashion with this stylish necklace because it conveniently covers all four seasons with one piece of jewelry.

Encircled within a ring of sterling silver, this proud tree boasts branches decorated for every day of the year. Icy quartz announces the cold frost of winter, while peridot heralds the crisp green colors of spring. From there, a deep emerald welcomes us to summer, and a honeyed amber announces autumn with all its fiery glory. My wife loves silver but she can never make up her mind when it comes to gem stones. I think I’ve found the ideal necklace for her.

Forget about the troubles associated with matching wardrobe to weather and celebrate the seasons with the handmade Four Seasons Tree of Life Necklace for $145.00 from Uncommon Goods.

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  1. Wery beautiful piece of art it inspires me 😀

  2. Very beautiful piece of art it inspires me 😀

  3. How I wish this was mine.

  4. I would LOVE to buy the FOUR SEASONS TREE OF LIFE necklace!!! Will it ever become available?? Thank you, Nancy

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